War Against Existance

Treck to the Temple

"You wanna fight the Bear?"

Upon waking from a very eventful night, a few of the early risers, Apollo, and Maxwell, sat around and discussed plans, and Raiza decided to take a walk in the woods. upon which, Jacob had come out of his tent and let the members know that there was in the distance from the camp. They worked tirelessly to open It, but to no avail, they didn’t want to destroy it for fear it may contain some nice loot. Eventually, with the right tools and help, they were able to overcome the chest and get their new gear.

The party decided to move on, but not before a large gust of wind turned into a monster completely made out of the air around them. after a very intense battle where party members were downed, they over came it and decided to keep moving.

Long trails, Traps, and wildlife were along there path, but they finally came around a bend and were met with a face familiar to some and strange to others. “Guys, that’s Chandler!” Max said as he and the party drew their weaponry. Chandler just smiled and reached behind his back, pulling out a dagger, and tossed it at Raiza’s feet, And backed away slowly, suddenly disappearing into thin air.

Upon investigation of the Blade, Raiza came to realize that the handle had his families Sigil on it. Weird, but that want the Weirdest part, on the end of the blade, there was a second sigil, a boat sailing in the sea with two swords in the background. Raiza put it on his person immediately, and they gave chase.

The party members soon found themselves not running down a clear path, but ambushed by a party of orcs. One of whom was able to snag Raiza by the collar, the other party members were able to dodge. The situation seemed dire, and they realized that they weren’t the only ones that were ambushed, Chandler was in a very similar situation. The party gave their attempts to convince the orcs that they were the good guys, but with a silver tongue, and a keen grasp on the orcish language, it seemed Chandler was able to convince them the opposite.

Now the Group is being escorted in bonds to what they think is the tribes camp where they believe that they can convince the chieftain of their innocence. But the situation could turn deadly at any turn.


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