War Against Existance

Chapter 1: Abandon Ship!

Skeletons Swimming?

We start off the story with our adventurer group, Apollo, Raiza, Maxwell, and “Nec”, on a voyage to the mysterious is mysterious island of Marleva. They hitched a ride on a local ship for various reasons, adventure, learning, glory, money. They met the captain, a very stern man named Valeros, and his right hand man Jacob, a rather small sorcerer that is told to have an exceptionally keen knowledge of arcane and divine magic alike, although he can’t wield it as well as he knows it.

Captain Valeros had relayed to the crew that he was escorting “Special Cargo” to the island of Marleva, and that no one but authorized people should be allowed below decks.

Upon reaching the outskirts of Marleva, he took the time to congratulate the crew and their hard work, and wanted to reward them by celebrating with the best rum that he could buy. He told one of the newcomers Maxwell, to head down below deck and get a case of rum. When down there, he met a strangely trustworthy man named Chandler, who tried to convince him that the men running this boat were bad news and that Max should loosen his chains and free him. Maxwell was rather trusting at first, but decided not to help the man, for fear it may be the wrong decision.

He went back up to the deck with the rum and passed out the bottles, Jacob and Valeros took some bottles and handed them out as well, upon offering some to Apollo at the bow of the ship, he refused, this seemingly disappointed Valeros, but he most likely thought nothing of it. After the night of drinking had passed, most of the crew had passed out includeing Captain Valeros and Jacob. The only people that had not passed out were one mercenary, Apollo and Maxwell.

While looking over the bow of the ship, staring off at Marleva, Apollo noticed a strange mist on the water, and suddenly heard a shriek coming from the other side of the ship. He turned to notice a group of skeletons had come on board and were attacking the mercenary. Apollo immediately ran into combat, along with Maxwell. The combat was difficult, but the party overcame the skeletons after most of the party and mercenaries had came to from the rum.

Upon gaining consciousness, Valeros had realized that Chandler had escaped and commandeered the services of the party to go to the island and track him down.

While rowing the life boats, they were once again attacked by skeletons, the party managed to fight them off long enough to make it to the island, but Valeros and Jacob weren’t so lucky, losing their boat in the process and getting injured.

The party decided that it was best to set up camp for the night. They needed to be ready what would come tomorrow.


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